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What is Peak Oil? » Peak Oil Barrel

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of crude oil extraction is reached, after which the rate of extraction is expected to begin to decline… forever. It simply does not matter why peak crude oil extraction is reached, the peak is the peak regardless of the cause.

Dave McGowan Newsletter #53: The 'Peak Oil' …

Peak Oil, and all that it involves, is a vast body of work that has been built over many decades. I dare say, that body of work is a mountain next to your cloud of dust. Dare I say, once again, that that "vast body of work" means absolutely nothing if the core premise is invalid.

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In Bezug auf eine Newsletteranmeldung bei verweisen wir auch auf unsere Datenschutzerklärung in Bezug auf Speicherung von Daten, Aukunfts- und ...

The Peak Oil Theory - Oxford Institute for Energy

In this comment, Professor Robert Mabro provides a critical assessment of the peak oil theory and how by focusing on the wrong questions, peak oil can shift attention ...

Peak Oil | The Future Of Life On Earth

Peak Oil; Publications ... Hybrid Cars Natural Gas Newsletter Nobel Prize oil crisis Oil Depletion oil prices Oil Production Oil Reserves Peak Coal Peak Oil Petroleum ...

Newsletter No.39 – March 2004 | Peak Oil

Contents Of Newsletter 39 326. Reserve Reporting 327. Country Assessment – Oman 328. North American Gas Crisis 329. Corrections: Tehran Newsletter and the Ethic of ...

Peak Oil News and Message Boards | Exploring …

Peak Oil News and Message Boards is a community and collaboration portal about energy-related topics.


THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF PEAK OIL & THE OIL DEPLETION ANALYSIS CENTRE. ASPO-ODAC. NEWSLETTER No 16 – APRIL 2002. ASPO is a network of European institutions ... – Daily Oil & Energy News

Crude oil futures were lower during mid-morning trade in Asia Wednesday ahead of the release of US crude inventory data that was expected to show a build, while ...