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Little-Known but Important Car Insurance Issues | …

Your car insurance policy does not necessarily terminate at the end of each policy term, so it isn't safe to assume that you can just cancel by failing to pay your next bill. If you don't send notice of cancellation, your insurance company will automatically bill you in advance for the next term's premium payment. › Research › Auto Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance - Which?

When you're buying car and home insurance, you'll often be offered legal expenses ... issues that matter to you at ... as an add-on to car and home insurance policies.

Legal expenses and home insurance - …

Legal expenses and home insurance ... read more about legal assistance and car insurance in our ... using your legal expenses policy for a minor issue, ... › Home insurance

Five common car insurance complaints - …

So here are the five most common car insurance complaints so you can avoid them. ... Cancelling your car insurance policy. More guides. Car sharing insurance explained

Is legal expenses cover worth the cost? | …

Is legal expenses cover worth the cost? ... The cost of adding legal expenses cover to your car insurance policy is ... One of the main issues with legal expenses ... › Car insurance › Articles

What is legal expenses cover? - The …

Legal costs can be exorbitant, but having legal expenses cover can provide valuable peace of mind so that, if you had a car accident and needed to take legal action for any reason, you wouldn’t have to cover solicitor’s bills yourself. › Car insurance › Articles

You Think Your Car Insurance Provider Made a …

Do this if you think your car insurance provider made a mistake. ... The 10 Best Car Insurance Policies to Buy for Seniors in 2018.

Insurance law - Wikipedia

All 245 insurance companies operating then in the country were merged into one entity, the Life Insurance Corporation of India. The General Insurance Business Act of 1972 was enacted to nationalise the about 100 general insurance companies then and subsequently merging them into four companies.

Car Accidents & Insurance Issues -

An insurance policy is usually the source of compensation for injury and property damage claims that follow a car accident. Here's how to navigate the issues.

Insurance policy - Wikipedia

Subject to the "fortuity principle", the event must be uncertain. The uncertainty can be either as to when the event will happen (e.g. in a life insurance policy, the time of the insured's death is uncertain) or as to if it will happen at all (e.g. in a fire insurance policy, whether or not a fire will occur at all).