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Car insurance Netherlands for expats - …

Car insurance Netherlands for expats For everyone in the Netherlands, including expats who are living and/or working here, a car insurance is mandatory when you own a car. It is not allowed to have and/or drive a car without a car insurance.

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Car Insurance in the Netherlands If you have a car, vehicle insurance (called auto verzekering) is compulsory. In general, this insurance will cover damage done to third parties. WA coverage WA insurance (third party liability) is mandatory in The Netherlands and the most basic kind of car insurance. WA insurance covers the damage you caused to another car. This is a polpular insurance for older cars.

Car insurances in the Netherlands: prices & options

Car insurances in the Netherlands When you are an inhabitant of the Netherlands and you own a car, you have to insure it: a car insurance is required by law. It may not always be easy though.

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All car insurance companies offer different premiums, conditions, and coverages. Comparing car insurances in the Netherlands can be time-consuming. With our tips, we will ensure, that you will sign-up for the best car insurance in the Netherlands.

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Comprehensive insurance, also known as ‘all-risk’ car insurance, covers any damage you cause, even to your own car. This type of cover is recommended if your car is less than 3 years old.

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At Independer you can compare over 75 car insurance from 50 different insurers. A more complete overview cannot be found in the Netherlands. Of every insurer you find more information about their products, the latest forum posts, news and experiences of other customers.

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Car Insurance at PartnerPete. PartnerPete knows what is important for professionals living and working outside home territory. We teamed up with Clements Worldwide because of their outstanding customer service and extensive experience with ensuring the expatriate community.

Car insurance validity in the EU – Netherlands

Car insurance validity in the EU – Netherlands Third party motor insurance When you move temporarily to the Netherlands from another EU country (as a student, pensioner, second home owner, cross-border commuter), your existing insurance policy from another EU country is still valid for the period it was signed for.

Netherlands Guide: Dutch car insurance, Get …

How Dutch car insurance works It is mandatory by law to have at least Third Party Liability ( Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid , WA ) insurance in the Netherlands. The insurance is applied to the vehicle itself, not to the policyholder. › … › Netherlands Guide › Travel & Leisure

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Motor Vehicle Insurance . In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have autoverzekering (auto insurance) at least for third party liability. The owner of the car insures the vehicle and is held responsible, irrespective of the driver. There are three options for insuring a vehicle in the Netherlands. › Motor Vehicle Insurance