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Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker is a 1976 novelization of the original film by Alan Dean Foster, who followed it with the sequel Splinter of the Mind's Eye (1978), which Lucas decided not to film.

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All your Star Wars needs: Fan Fictions, Comic, BIG Contests, Lore, Expanded Universe, and movies brought to your screen every single day. AT LEAST ONE NEW VI...

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Star Wars (à l'origine nommée sous son titre français, La Guerre des étoiles) est un univers de fantasy et de science-fiction créé par George Lucas.

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Star Wars–based fiction predates the release of the first movie, with the novelization of A New Hope (by Alan Dean Foster but credited to George Lucas) released some months before the film itself.

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"Star Wars has no points of reference to Earth time or space, with which we are familiar, and it is not about the future but some galactic past or some ...

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Star Wars is a series of science-fiction movies by George Lucas. As of December 2017, nine movies have been made through the company, Lucasfilm Ltd, released by 20th Century Fox, and distributed by United International Pictures. Star Wars has been so popular that there have been Star Wars books, video games, television shows, toys, …

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Explore the Star Wars movies, from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, with clips, behind the scenes videos, and picture galleries. | The Official Star Wars

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