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Sporty Luxury Sedans

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The Best Four-Door Sports Cars in 2018 | U.S. News …

Think about your favorite sports car. If you’re picturing a sleek, low-slung coupe, you’re not alone. Part of the appeal of a sports car is that it is inherently impractical; it tells the world that you value style and excitement over the convenience of a big cargo area, or the ability to easily strap kids into booster seats. › Home › Car Buying Tips, News, and Features

Best Sport Sedans -

The BMW M5 has been around for over 30 years and continues to be one of the best luxury sport sedans on the road. It provides plush interior appointments, ... › Sedan Center

10 Best Luxury Sport Sedans |

When you’ve scraped and saved for an automotive treat, you’re faced with one big decision: do you want a luxury car, or a sports car? The answer, of course ...

10 Best Sporty Sedans for 2017 | BestCarsFeed

Chevrolet SS is one of the most affordable, sporty sedans on the market. It has a 6.2 L, V8 with 415 HP, so it offers impressive performances, but the price is much lower than sporty sedans with these performances have to offer. The 0-60 MP/H time is only 4.6 seconds, so it is even better than more expensive and more powerful models.

14 Best Luxury Sports Cars | U.S. News & World …

More on Luxury Sports Cars. To some consumers, luxury sports cars may be the pinnacle of the automotive kingdom. They are powerful, fast, handsome, and in most cases, quite luxurious. They … › Home › Rankings › Cars

Best Sedans 2018 | Editors' Choice for Best Luxury, …

At one time, the 3-series was the benchmark for all sports sedans, but its once uncompromised tactility has been slightly softened in this latest generation.