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Pierce Brosnan as Gerry Adams

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Pierce Brosnan draws inspiration from

Veteran Irish actor Pierce Brosnan is playing a character based on Gerry Adams in a new film. The new action flick, The Foreigner, has been released straight to Netflix and stars Brosnan alongside Jackie Chan.

Pierce Brosnan channels Gerry Adams in

The trailer for the much-anticipated Pierce Brosnan/Jackie Chan IRA thriller The Foreigner has landed. Much anticipated not for its dramatic potential, but rather because of the surely-it-can’t-be-coincidental resemblance of Brosnan’s character to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

Pierce Brosnan looks exactly like Gerry

Brosnan will play a former IRA member, now Sinn Féin adviser in Jackie Chan’s latest action thriller.

Pierce Brosnan looks VERY like Gerry

Updated: 1.34pm. PIERCE BROSNAN BEARS an uncanny resemblance to Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams these days. The Irish actor has been photographed with a slightly different look while filming in London.

Pierce Brosnan looks the image of Gerry

These pictures show the uncanny resemblance between Gerry Adams and Pierce Brosnan. The former James Bond star looks the image of the Sinn Fein leader in the snap, reports Belfast Live.

Pierce Brosnan sports Gerry Adams look …

Pierce Brosnan has sported a look remarkably similar to Gerry Adams for a new film, in which the former Bond actor plays an ex-IRA man turned government official.

Pierce Brosnan looks uncannily like Sinn …

Former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan seemed to take inspiration from Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams for his new role as an ex-IRA member turned government official, when he was spotted in London.

The film where Pierce Brosnan (almost) …

THE FOREIGNER, THE film in which Pierce Brosnan plays Gerry Adams but doesn’t play Gerry Adams, has hit Netflix today. The film stars Jackie Chan as a father whose daughter is killed in a bomb claimed by a group called the Authentic IRA. Brosnan plays a former IRA member who is now an Irish

Pierce Brosnan as Gerry Adams: the

Never mind Star Wars. The film we critics have been most nagged about is that Jackie Chan thing with Pierce Brosnan as a version of Gerry Adams.

The film where Pierce Brosnan plays a …

The film where Pierce Brosnan plays a Gerry Adams type figure is coming to Netflix - here's what the critics made of it The name’s Hennessy, Liam Hennessy.