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Most Affordable Luxury Cars

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3 of the Most Affordable Luxury Cars - Boca Autohaus

18/02/2016 · There are many foreign luxury cars on the market out there. One of the biggest thing that turns people away from being able to afford one is that they are outside their price range.

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Luxury cars represent the best the automotive world has to offer. With their serene cabins and deluxe amenities, these cars have the power to turn your everyday commute into a spa-like experience ...

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In November, the average cost of a new car was $35,870, according to Kelley Blue Book. The average luxury car ($57,399 on average) is more than double the cost of a compact SUV ($28,990).

The Most Affordable Luxury Cars -

07/12/2015 · Here are the most affordable luxury compact, midsize, and full-size sedans from the 2015 and 2016 model years. They all have sticker prices under $40,000 combined with relatively low costs of ...

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BMW Z4 Body Style: Roadster MSRP: $47,350 Total Cost of Ownership: $56,319

10 Luxury Cars You Can Afford to Buy - Autotrader

We've listed today's most affordable luxury cars, proving that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a high-end experience.

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Luxury cars offer a full range of amenities and cabins decked with premium materials. Many of these marques also provide brand cachet that's sure to impress the neighbours. Though these models are some of the most upscale choices available, they don't all come with prohibitively steep price tags

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Top 10 Least Expensive Luxury Cars - See the Most Affordable Luxury Cars Currently for Sale in America. Browse Autobytel's List of 10 Inexpensive Luxury Cars and See Which Luxury Car