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However, severe complications can result from unnoticed type 2 diabetes, including renal failure, and coronary artery disease. Type 2 diabetes was formerly known by a variety of partially misleading names, including "adult-onset diabetes", "obesity-related diabetes", "insulin-resistant diabetes", or "non-insulin-dependent diabetes" (NIDDM).

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Medication. People with type 1 diabetes must use insulin. Some people with type 2 diabetes can manage their diabetes with healthy eating and exercise. However, your doctor may need to also … › Living With Diabetes › Treatment and Care

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L'objectif du traitement médicamenteux du diabète est double : prévenir la survenue de complications aiguës et à plus long terme, de complications dégénératives. › Santé › Diabète

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Quels sont les médicaments du diabète de type 2 ? - Diabète type 2 (diabète gras) : symptômes, causes, traitement, conseils de prévention, surveiller sa glycémie. › Maladies › Métabolisme et diabète

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The experts at WebMD provide a list of common diabetes drugs.

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Most medications for type 2 diabetes are oral drugs. However, a few come as injections. Some people with type 2 diabetes may also need to take insulin. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. These medications help your body break down starchy foods and table sugar. This effect lowers your blood sugar levels.