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Kanye West writing his own philosophy book

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Dlisted | Kanye West Is Writing A …

Unfortunately, the book isn't being written in ALL-CAPS., so it's not 100-proof Kanye West. Kanye has dipped his ground-adjacent genius nub (what he...

Kanye West says he's writing philosophy

Kanye West is writing a book on philosophy called Break the Simulation. The rapper opened up about the project in an interview with his interior designer Axel Vervoordt in The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that the book would cover art and spirituality. › Culture › Music › News

Kanye West Writing His Philosophy

The "Stronger" rapper, who recently returned to the social media platform, just announced that his latest tweets are actually his book that he's writing in real time. West first announced that he's writing a book, called Break the Simulation, while interviewing designer and curator Axel Vervoordt for The Hollywood Reporter last week.

Typos and All, Kanye West Is Live-Writing

Shortly after announcing his philosophy book "Break the Simulation," Kanye West casually said mid-tweeting that he was in fact writing it right then on Twitter.

Kanye West Is Writing a Philosophy

In an expansion to his media empire, Kanye West announced on Twitter Wednesday that he writing a philosophy book on the social media site.

Kanye West is writing a philosophy book

Kanye West has given a bizarre interview and revealed he is writing a philosophy book. KANYE WEST ... and a taste of his own medicine. Would you want to see Kanye ...

Kanye West is Writing a Philosophy

Kanye West recently announced that he is writing a book sharing his philosophy. The American rapper spoke to the Hollywood Reporter with the interior designer who helped design his and Kim Kardashian’s home.

Kanye West Is Writing His Philosophy

18/04/2018 · Kanye West casually announced his inaugural philosophy book Break the Simulation in a recent interview, describing one of its core concepts as being ...

Kanye West writing his own philosophy

Kanye West tells international interior designer Axel Vervoordt that he is writing a philosophy book called "Break the Simulation."

Kanye West is writing a book of …

Now it looks like he’s going to let us all into the workings of his madcap mind with his very own philosophy book. West ... Kanye is writing his philosophy book ...