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Inside the Twisted Mind of Lars von Trier

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The Empty Provocation of Lars von Trier's …

The House That Jack Built is a tediously navel-gazing exercise in von Trier trying to explain, and make half-hearted atonement for, his “totally twisted, man,” worldview, an explication of his personal psychology that is almost heartbreaking in …

Lars Von Trier’s 'House That Jack Built' …

Another day, another Lars Von Trier movie ... ‘Cam’ Is A Beautifully Twisted Peek Inside The World Of Online Sex Work [Fantasia Review] Jordan Ruimy.

Inside Twisted Mind of Lars von Trier... - …

Inside Twisted Mind of Lars von Trier…Source: The Drudge ReportPublished on 2018-05-16

The House That Jack Built on Behance

A rework of the movie poster for Lars Von Trier's upcoming film, The House That Jack Built. The idea for these posters was to treat the entire surface of the poster as a house and all the elements on it as metaphorical windows; windows into the twisted mind of the films deranged protagonist.

Inside Twisted Mind of Lars von Trier... | …

Inside Twisted Mind of Lars von Trier...(First column, 10th story, link)Advertise here...

Lars Von Trier (@lars_von_trier) | Twitter

Lars von Trier says that his new film "celebrates the idea that life is evil and soulless", making it an exciting departure for him.

Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist - The Guardian

"Lars von Trier," it reads. "Antichrist." At the Cannes film festival, where the film was unveiled in May, the audience responded with indulgent laughter. Over the years the international press has grown accustomed to the antics of the puckish Dane.

Inside the Twisted Mind of Lars von

Artforum’s Amy Taubin termed it the first von Trier film she didn’t loathe.) Of course, with the arrival of Björk’s 2017 accusations that von Trier sexually harassed her on the set of Dancer in the Dark, there are few feminist defenders of the embattled Dane.