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How the historical epic died with Kingdom of Heaven

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Ridley Scott explains how 9/11, David Lean and cheating at conkers led him to make his epic film of the crusades, Kingdom of Heaven. Screen god. › Culture › Film

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01/01/2000 · Kingdom Of Heaven is in such a big hurry, within half an hour we’ve had murdered priests, burning villages, skirmishes, fever, death, a shipwreck and one of those notable scenes where an enemy prince is spared to return the favour at a later date (El Cid, anyone?). What we don’t get is an idea of what’s driving Balian.

Kingdom of Heaven: The Making of the Ridley …

Kingdom of Heaven is a movie I really enjoy. It is visually stunning and has a simple, but poignant message about religious intolerance. With this in mind, I think the bigger of a fan of this movie you are, the more you will enjoy this book.

How the historical epic died with Kingdom of

To understand what went wrong, it's worth enduring the three-hour-and-10-minute cut of Scott's Crusades epic. The theatrical version of Kingdom of Heaven was ...

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Recommendation Kingdom of Heaven: Directors Cut (2005) is a excellent historical epic from Ridley Scott. ... but then do not do a historical epic. permalink;

Kingdom of Heaven: Ridley Scott’s Historical Epic

The coming-of-age that describes Balian, the hero of Ridley Scott's historical epic "Kingdom of Heaven," also applies to the actor who plays him, British

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05/05/2005 · The first thing to be said for Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" is that Scott knows how to direct a historical epic. I might have been kinder to his "Gladiator" had ...

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Reel history: With Kingdom of Heaven, Ridley Scott shows us how the Crusades were settled with a nice friendly chat

How the historical epic died with Kingdom of

Five years later, the DVD release of another Scott film, Kingdom of Heaven—in a pathetically lavish four-disc “director’s cut” box set—rings down the curtain on the historical-movie moment.

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Unhappy with the theatrical version of Kingdom of Heaven (which he blamed on paying too much attention to the opinions of preview audiences, and conceding to Fox's request to shorten the film by 45 minutes), Ridley Scott supervised a director's cut of the film, which was released on 23 December 2005 at the Laemmle Fairfax Theatre in Los Angeles, California.