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Focal sound is now on-board DS 3 CROSSBACK

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DS 3 CROSSBACK | DS with FOCAL Electra® - YouTube

01/10/2018 · FOCAL worked with DS engineers and technicians to develop a Hi-Fi system: ELECTRA®, a high-end signature with 12 loud speakers ideally positioned around the DS 3 CROSSBACK

DS 3 CROSSBACK | Exterior and Interior Features

Adapt your driving. DS 3 CROSSBACK is available with an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual gearbox depending on the drivetrain. A selector on the centre console enables the driver to adapt the vehicle to their driving needs and expectations.

Focal sound is now on-board the new DS 3 CROSSBACK!

PRESS RELEASE SEPTEMBER 201 In 2017, these two major French brands came together on DS 7 CROSSBACK by designing a dedicated, high-performance, high-fidelity system: the FOCAL

2019 DS 3 Crossback - Hi-Fi System FOCAL Electra - …

13/09/2018 · DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Specifications: Length/width/height/wheelbase - 4,118/1,791/1,534/2,558 mm Engine - Electric motor Max output - 136 hp (100 kW)

Focal sound is now on-board DS 3 CROSSBACK! | …

DS Automobiles and Focal continue their collaboration and join forces again on a newcomer, DS 3 CROSSBACK: an SUV which comes with the FOCAL ELECTRA® System.


2019 DS 3 CROSSBACK. Pushing back the limits, DS 3 CROSSBACK is a vehicle of distinctive sculptural styling and exceptional proportions, available in 100% ICE (Internal Combustion Engines – petrol & diesel) and 100% Electric versions, featuring exclusive technologies and … › Cars › Citroen › DS

DS 3 Crossback (2019) - pictures, information & specs

On DS 3 Crossback, DS DRIVE ASSIST delivers a more relaxed drive. This DS driver assistance system is a further step on the road to autonomous vehicles. Using the on-board radar and camera, DS 3 Crossback adapts to the driving conditions: the vehicle follows the set course and adapts automatically its speed, for a speed equal to the safety distance and to a complete stop if necessary, thereby assisting …

Focal sound is now on-board DS 3 CROSSBACK! - …

Today, they join forces again on a newcomer, DS 3 CROSSBACK, an SUV which now comes with this accredited system, ‘custom’ engineered to meet the specifics of the in-car sound sector.

2019 DS3 Crossback | Top Speed

Our new model DS 3 CROSSBACK is remarkable for its original proportions with its large wheels, its bi-tone roof, its musculature, its avant-garde technology, etc.