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Damon Wayans Tweets Clayne Crawford Fired From Lethal

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Damon Wayans speaks out on 'Lethal

03/08/2018 · Three months after Clayne Crawford’s departure from Lethal Weapon, lead actor Damon Wayans has opened up about his …

Why Was Clayne Crawford Fired From

Damon Wayans Outlines the Alleged Violent Behavior That Led to His Lethal Weapon Co-Star's Firing. In a rare move, Fox has replaced Clayne Crawford with Sean Williams ...

Clayne Crawford Has Officially Been Fired

19/05/2018 · If you're a fan of Lethal ... Clayne Crawford Has Officially Been Fired ... The first incident occurred when Crawford, who costars with Damon Wayans ...

Damon Wayans Shows Why Clayne

Now that the renewal has been secured, Damon Wayans spoke out against Clayne Crawford in a series of tweets, which included a video of the actor getting hit by shrapnel during a scene of an episode Crawford directed.

Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford's …

 · Explicit audio between Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford was made public two weeks after Crawford was fired from Lethal Weapon

Damon Wayans Blames Fired Clayne

15/05/2018 · Murtagh and Riggs definitely don’t have the bond that came across on screen. Damon Wayans called out his former Lethal Weapon costar Clayne Crawford in …

Damon Wayans Goes OFF On Fired

Now that Clayne Crawford has officially been replaced for the third season of Fox's Lethal Weapon series, his costar Damon Wayans is clearing the air on the actor's ...

Damon Wayans' Social Media Changes …

Lethal Weapon fans took to social media on Sunday with thoughts about the firing of actor Clayne Crawford after his co-star, Damon Wayans locked his Twitter account and made his Instagram account private.

Damon Wayans Tweets Clayne Crawford

18/05/2018 · Although Wayans eventually made his Twitter account private before deleting it entirely, he fired off a few other descriptions about what it was like to work with Crawford. "[He] relished in making females cry. And stuck [sic] fear in cast and crew. #dontblameme," he wrote in one. › Entertainment › Lethal Weapon

Damon Wayans Addresses Clayne

Despite reports of his unruly behavior on set, loyalists took issue with Crawford being ousted and replaced by Seann William Scott. They put some of the blame at the feet of Crawford’s co-star, Damon Wayans, who has now taken to Twitter to defend his position.